Amondi Collar Necklace - Brown & Gold

Amondi Collar Necklace - Brown & Gold


Instantly iconic, Amondi features dual-color beaded tassels embellished with polished brass sequins that sit loosely on the base of the neck.

Accessorize this sophisticated yet playful piece with a low-cut neckline or over a high neck blouse for a touch of style.

The details

  • Expandable brass collar for an effortless slip onto the neckline

  • Inner diameter 6.5 inches/16 cm (may vary slightly)

  • Tassel length 1.20 inches/ 3 cm

  • Polished brass sequin detail

  • Lightweight & comfortable design

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*This item is handmade meaning it is one-of-a-kind. Size and bead placement may vary slightly.

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