Maasai Couple & Jar Decor Set- Rainbow Mix

Maasai Couple & Jar Decor Set- Rainbow Mix


This handcrafted statue set is modeled after a Maasai couple. The Maasai are a culturally rich tribe found in Kenya & Tanzania. The statues also double as candle holders. The beaded jar complements the colorful beads of the statues to create a unique décor set.

The details

  • Metallic frame and base on the statue

  • High quality glass bead embellishment

  • Statue height 10.5 inches, width 2.5 inches

  • Jar height 4 inches, diameter 3.5 inches

  • Statue set weight 0.8 lbs

Kindly note: Each statue and jar is individually handcrafted and will be unique in mold and bead pattern.

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